Pastor Bruce Kellar

Lead Pastor


Bruce Kellar was not raised in a christian home and came to be a Christian at age 19 in a very dark time in his life. He says that he was not looking for God in his life, however God was looking for him. Bruce, being a quiet bashful shy person was asked by a friend to go with her to a youth rally in London Ontario, after a lot of encouragement Bruce consented to go.    

It was in this experience Bruce observed true happiness in people who seemed to have a joy that he had never seen before.The outing gave Bruce the opportunity to engage with kind people who cared and demonstrated a love and respect that was void in his life for a very long time. It was in this new setting that Bruce excepted Jesus as his Savior and quickly began his new journey following Jesus. 

His journey lead him to the love of his life who became his wonderful wife on August 16, 1975. Bruce and Joan are blessed with four daughters, three son in laws and two grand children while Lydia the youngest finishes her studies still lives at home.

Within a short time, God had called Bruce to serve him in full time service. Bruce's  heart was tugged with a challenge that he had struggled with for along time. While Bruce and Joan were involved in a successful building contracting firm built from the ground up that God had brought great success to their lives at this season.

Bruce questioned and fought the  call for a number of years running from the commitment like Moses and Jonah , feeling incompetent with wondering what could God possible do with me?

Bruce answered the call on his life on  March 3, 1999 in which God made it perfectly clear that this is what God was wanting. Bruce instantly felt the peace of God like no other time within his life . He began his long lengthy tracking having to start by going back to school at 44 years old driving 3 hours to Toronto for full time ministry.

Bruce was Ordained in 2011. He was appointed to his first charge as Sr Pastor in 2000.

The Kellar family  remained in this charge just short of six years.

Bruce and Joan felt the call to plan a new work in their area with a non-traditional non-conventional Church for unchurched people in Flinton Ontario. Bruce remained in this charge for 11 years. He then served as a transitional Pastor to Frankford Community Free Methodist Church for just short of two years.   And was appointed lead Pastor in late 2017 to what is now called Frankford Community Church.

Bruce and Joan love people, laughter and don't forget food.

We are pleased to serve this community and look forward to your visit.

Bruce is a series Preacher/Teacher who loves to share God's wonderful word . As a faith family we strive to build and grow our wonderful community through a variety of ways, we invite you to come and join in on the celebration each week as we gather.

Bruce and Joan have a great outlook on life,                

Work Hard play hard !  


Jessica Haggarty


I am so blessed to be able to serve here as administrator, and to be a member of this wonderful group of followers. I attend this place with my husband and beautiful baby daughter Aubrey. She comes to work with me, and is sure to charm everyone that steps through the doors.  We feel very privileged to bring her up to love the Lord in this church and among such a loving community of people.


Jenna Ego

Worship Leader

It is such an honour and a joy to worship our awesome God, and I am humbled to minister in this capacity. The vision of my heart is to see people experience surrender and freedom through the presence of God. He is so very good! I am blessed to be part of this congregation, and this leadership team. 


Gillian Thompson


My mission statement is to live my life striving to do right by God, to touch, move or inspire people, the way Christ does for me. 

Our Church

We are a growing Faith community. 

We are a free spirited people that have love and respect for others. 

We strive to demonstrate a spirit of hospitality.

All people are important, as we discover hidden gifts and talents that compliment one another. 

Our philosophy is that every person that comes in our doors has something to offer and we have something to receive. 

We welcome you to come and explore our Church!

Vision and Mission

Our Vision


To add to God’s family by visibly living our experience in Christ.  

Core Values


Family - fellowship, community, warm, belonging, open, welcoming  

Invite - evangelism, sharing, story, gospel, conversion

Grow - discipleship, maturity, transformed, rooted, Bible study, prayer

Serve - ministry, love, gifts/talents, fruitful, others-focused, obedience

Celebrate - worship, joy, centred, life, communion, music, praise

Our Mission


To know the Gospel and to share the Gospel.